Sunless Tanning

How Sunless Tanning Works

The primary ingredient in all sunless solutions is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). DHA is a clear, colorless sugar liquid that stains the skin by reacting with the amino acids on the epidermis causing a bronzed color to appear. In other words, DHA adheres to dead skin cells. As the cells begin to shed, so does the DHA attached to it. DHA takes between four to eight hours to fully develop on the skin.

Sunless Tans do not provide protection against UV Light and does not act as a sun block.

Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush Tanning is a Sunless Tan that is sprayed on by hand by an experienced iTAN Technician. The benefit of this system is that your tan can be tailored to each clients individual needs.

iTan Boutiques Technicians use an all natural Norvell Sunless Solution to achieve the most natural looking Airbrush Spray Tan on the market.

Natural looking, fast drying, non-sticky, streek-free formula with no "orange" color. Odor inhibitor eliminates odor associated with sunless products

Additional Active Ingredients:

  • Erythrulose - Extends the life of your sunless spray tan.
  • Caffeine - Corrects and prevents skin damage from overexposure to the Sun.
  • Copper - Skin firming technology.

Our Sunless solution contains additional bronzers in the formula. Bronzers allow the technician to see where the solution is being applied and allow the client to see an immediate pop of color. Bronzers are temporary and wash off during the first shower. Bronzers are not representative of the final color.

Call now to setup your appointment! Appointments are mandatory for airbrush tanning.

Mystic Tan

Mystic-Tan is a tanning booth that resembles a sauna or capsule. The client (you) step into the booth and less than 30 seconds later you exit with a gorgeous tan!

Mystic-Tan booths ensure an even tan. The booth positively charges your body during the session, while the solution is negatively charged as it sprays you. These opposite charges affects the solution so that it is attracted to your body, and surrounds it, giving you an even, natural looking tan.

iTAN Boutiques Consultants are available at any time to walk you through the process. Come anytime to use our Mystic Tan, no appointments necessary.

Preparation For Sunless Tanning

Exfoliate and shave before each session to remove dry, flaky skin. This allows the sunless spray solution to absorb deeply into the skin and oxidize to a brilliant golden brown color. Dry flaky skin can cause the tan to look less natural, become uneven when fading, and can shorten the life of the Sunless tan.

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