Tanning Tips

Helpful hints to get the most out of your tan!

How Tanning Works

Our skin is made up of layers – the epidermis, dermis, and subcutis – the outermost of which, the epidermis, contains cells called melanocytes. These melanocytes produce melanin pigment in reaction to ultraviolet light in sunlight. Ultraviolet light stimulates melanin production. The pigment has the effect of absorbing the UV radiation in sunlight, so it protects the cells from UV damage and burning. Melanin production takes a fair amount of time -- that is why most people cannot get a tan in one day. You have to expose yourself to UV light repeatedly to activate the melanocytes. They produce melanin over the course of hours. It can take up to 48 Hours for Melanin production to fully produce. As more melanin is produced the skin becomes darker. Different people naturally produce different amounts of melanin. This is the reason some people are more sensitive to sun exposure than others. It also accounts for the myriad of skin tones and shades among people of various ethnic and racial backgrounds.

What kind of UV light is used in tanning equipment? Both UVB and UVA rays are present in any tanning booth or bed. UVB rays stimulate increased melanin production, which starts your tan.  UVA rays will cause the melanin pigments to darken.  The best tan comes from a combination of receiving both rays at the same time.

Preparation and Maintenance for UV Tanning

At Home: For the best tan, you will want to remove all the dead skin cells lying on the top of your skin by exfoliating gently. This way the tan will penetrate to the lower layers of the skin, giving you a better, more even tan and longer lasting as well.

Apply a moisturizer with no sunscreen all over your body. Giving your skin the hydration you need will help stop irritation from happening and will help prevent damage to your skin. Apply to the skin in a circular motion for it to be adsorbed better into the skin.

Before Tanning Session: Apply Lip Balm to your lips to prevent dryness and protect your lips. Remove Make-Up. Most Make-Up contains SPF elements, and will prevent the tan altogether or create an uneven tan. Apply an accelerant lotion fit to your skins needs. Keeping your skin moisturized during the tanning session is essential to the tanning production and maintenance of your tan.

During Tanning Session: Protective eyewear is required by law to protect your eyes from the UV light. Make sure you have appropriate eyewear to fit your needs while tanning in a lay down bed or a stand up unit. iTan Boutiques Consultants are Smart Tan certified to determine your skins needs and determine the necessary tanning time for your session.

After Tanning Session: We recommend using an after-tan moisturizer to hydrate your skin and extend the life of your tan. One UV session in comparable to spending one day in the sun. We recommend allowing 48 Hours between each tanning session to allow for full melanin production and skin health.

Types of Indoor Tanning Lotions

Tan smart, indoor tanning lotions will give you a faster, deeper, darker tan that will last longer and keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

Accelerator: Accelerates the tanning process while in the tanning bed, optimizing the time you are in the bed. Helps the skin “naturally” achieve deep, dark-tanning results. Beneficial to skin types that tan easily.

Bronzer: Enhance tanning results by imparting additional color to the skin via immediate cosmetic bronzers and sunless tanning agents. Dual bronzers contain a cosmetic bronzer, and a DHA (dihydrozyacetone) self-tanning agent similar to walnut extract, caramel carrot oil, ect. as the bronzing agents (see full color in 12-24 hours). Triple bronzers contain a cosmetic bronzer, DHA, and a biotanning complex, a melanin booster (color lasts 5-8 days)

Tingle: Increase the micro-circulation and oxygenation of the skin resulting in a deeper darker tan, Recommended for advanced tanners. Tingle has a ‘warming’ and ‘reddening’ effect on the skin. The active tingle ingredient is benzyl nicotinate. Beneficial to areas of the body that do not retain color such as women’s legs, due to shaving and exfoliation.

Coolant: Bathes your skin in refreshing and cooling essence, enhancing the tanning session. Active cooling ingredients are menthyl lactate and/or cooling agent. Beneficial to those that like to feel cool during the tanning session.

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